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Provider Discovery Review Results

The Florida Statewide Quality Assurance program uses the Provider Discovery Review (PDR) process to determine whether services that support individuals are:

  • efficient,
  • effective, and
  • and rendered to their satisfaction. 

A Provider Discovery Review (PDR) monitors the provider for compliance with regulations and accountability in delivering Medicaid Waiver supports and services to people and is conducted for all Waiver Support Coordinators/Agencies and Service providers. A PDR includes a review of:

  • Waiver services a provider renders
  • Administrative reviews to include the provider’s policies and procedures, employee training and background screening. 

For more information about this type of review go to:

For all standards, providers get a score of “Met”, “Not Met”, ‘Not Applicable” or a comment of “Not Yet Reviewed”.

  • “Met” means the provider has met the required performance standard.
  • “Not Met” means the provider does not meet the required performance standard.
  • “Not Applicable” means the performance standard does not apply to the provider.
  • “Not Yet Reviewed” means the provider has not yet had a PDR review.

Providers who do not respond to attempts to schedule a review or who are a “no show” once a review has been scheduled are found to be “Non-Compliant” and scored “Not Met” on all standards.

If a provider is not eligible to be reviewed, the following statement is seen “This provider currently does not meet the requirements to be reviewed.”