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About This Site

The purpose of the flddresources.org website is to help you locate providers who can best serve you.  Our vision includes:

  • providing useful and accurate information;
  • educating individuals about providers;
  • and empowering individuals to make informed decisions.

Data in this website are often updated; however, data from recent provider reviews may not yet be listed. Data are added to the website as soon as possible after completion of reviews.

If you are a Provider of Waiver Services:

Some provider information comes from Medicaid billing data, such as name and address. Providers should ensure their Medicaid billing information is correct so that it will be accurately reflected on this web site. Providers can update and/or correct information here:


Qlarant is not able to make changes or corrections to your information.

This website provides some basic information about providers and results of quality assurance reviews. Qlarant, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the Agency for Health Care Administration do not recommend one provider over another.